copying files of certain extension?

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Old 09-14-2011
copying files of certain extension?


I am using scp to copy a certain directory over the network. This folder contain some files that I am not interested in. My question is; is it possible to copy files of certain extension only, keeping the same directory hierarchy as it is (that is sub-folders)?

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Old 09-14-2011
find path/to/dir -name '*.ext' |
        tar -cf - |
        ssh username@host tar -C /path/to/dest -tf -

The -tf just has the server print files and paths. Replace it with -xf once you've tested to make sure it's getting the right files and paths.

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Old 09-14-2011

I haven't tried it, and I can't since I cannot create a tar file on the destination folder. I do not have a permission to create (or delete files).
So how can the script be tweaked?
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Old 09-14-2011
If you don't have permission to create or delete files, you're going to have a heck of a time copying anything by any means.

Originally Posted by faizlo

I haven't tried it, and I can't since I cannot create a tar file on the destination folder.
The archive never gets put on disk anywhere. It processes it as a stream without needing to keep a huge file around. tar's good at that, because tapes had to operate that way.

In effect it's creating a big list of files and their contents, all in a row, and sending it directly to stdout as it goes -- no storage needed.
And on the client side, it just reads directly from stdin, processing as it goes, without needing to store anything on disk except the files encoded in it.

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Old 09-14-2011
For the first part of the script
find path/to/dir -name '*.ext' |

Does it mean I should use `find' while logged into the distant machine? If so, then does ssh means I should login to my machine (the one I am physically at) to copy the files to it?
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Old 09-14-2011
find | tar -cf - needs to run on the source machine. tar -xf - runs on the destination machine.

The order can be reversed with a little work.

ssh username@host find /remote/source -name "'*.ext'" '|' xargs tar -cf - |
        tar -C /local/dest -tf -

Note the extra single quotes around *.ext and |, those are necessary to get that bit running on the remote server.
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Old 09-14-2011
Here is what I did:
ssh -Y user@server find /path/as/on/the/distant/machine/ -name "'*.ext'" '|' xargs tar -cf - | tar -C ~/store_here/

And here is the output:
tar: You must specify one of the `-Acdtrux' or `--test-label'  options

(.ext was .ps) And I was not prompted to login!
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