forum for ncurses support?

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forum for ncurses support?

Hi, all

New to ncurses, rusty as hell with UNIX, I"m sure I'm going to have lots of questions. What forum is best for ncurses questions? Currently I'm experiencing configuration issues (I believe). I'm running Mac 10.6, and using the Terminal utility.

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doubt it but there is plenty of resources available on the Internet.
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Originally Posted by frank_rizzo
doubt it but there is plenty of resources available on the Internet.
Not sure what you are implying by that remark. To the OP: This forum is as good a place if not better that most other forums to ask questions about ncurses.
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Originally Posted by fpmurphy
Not sure what you are implying by that remark.
by that I meant there is not a forum dedicated to programming ncurses. I re-read the question now and realize I misread it.

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