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How to allow a different user to run a script

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How to allow a different user to run a script

I have a script that i would like to be run by a different user.

For example, I have a file called '' created by user 'user4'

What command should i use to make sure that user 'ydanial' has ability to run '' ?

# 3  
And that the user can access it (update of $PATH...)
# 4  
I did do the chmod 755 on the .pl file however, this happens:

The runs but a dependent file called insert_data.txt is not opening by user 'ydanial' - so the script crashes.

If I run the script as 'user4', everything works.

What permission should be set for insert_data.txt?
# 5  
744 should be enough. If you also need write permissions on this file, then use 766
# 6  
Just before i received your message, i did a 755 on insert_data.txt and it did not work.

Is 744 different in terms of letting user 'ydanial' only read this file that 755 cant?

# 7  
Well, is this script trying to write anything into this file? If so, then it has to have 766 permissions.

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