Sending through an external e-mail account

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Old 08-10-2011
Sending through an external e-mail account

Hi guys.

After several Google hours, i've failed to find a solution to my problem, maybe my google skills arent that good - but i hope someone could help me figure this out.

I'm running a ubuntu server 11.04 with postfix installed.
I have installed Request tracker 4 and configured it to read e-mails from my external email-account.

When i send a email to the email address it creates a ticket in RT and now to the problem. It sends a auto reply, but the email adress is instead of the And when you reply to the auto reply in order to update your ticket, then you're sending it to a wrong alias.

Can't i get postfix to send mails through an email account on my external smtp? So the senders address is the correct one ( As of now it's just getting relayed.

I hope you are able to understand my problem and what i wish to do, otherwise please do ask so i can try to clarify it.

Best Regards

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Any idea's on how to send the mail directly through an email-account, instead of relaying?

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Problem solved by using the smtp_generic_maps feature under postfix.
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Old 08-10-2011
I think you'd be better off if you use the address mapping feature of Postfix: Postfix Address Rewriting
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Old 08-10-2011
Yup, that was the solution i went for aswell.. It was straight forward and works as desired. Smilie
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