Need tutorial that will take me from basics and beyond. (Also learning C right now.)

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Old 08-09-2011
Need tutorial that will take me from basics and beyond. (Also learning C right now.)

I am currently learning C and UNIX in hopes of, not only expanding my horizons as a math student, but also gaining a better understanding of computers and how they work.

I've been unable to find a UNIX tutorial that is geared towards learning not just commands, but also how the OS works as a whole.

I've been recommended the book "UNIX Programming Environment."

I like that it is also written with C programming in mind. My only concern is that it's pretty old, and from the comments it seems that some of its content is out of date.

Do you know of anything similar? Is it worth getting anyway?
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Old 08-09-2011
"The UNIX Programming Environment" is a great book but yes, it shows its age.

"Think UNIX" is a good book for starters. And "Unix Power Tools" is something to be reading before sleep Smilie.
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