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Old 08-06-2011
Error Copying a command/line to clipboard

hi all,
i am newbie to Unix scripting..
I am writing a script which will have a line of commands, which needs to be copied to clipboard.
Any ideas welcome..

I am using the script in this way, The script will have some lines (like below)
export TERM=xterm; cd test_env; TMOUT=0

after that i connect via ssh to a box, after loggin in, i should have the above lines in clipbozrd, so i can paste them right away and work, else is there a way to make those lines execute after ssh works. (I connect via ssh to various box each time, so i cant think of saving the contents to a file and executing/invoking it.

Please help
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Old 08-10-2011
Well, the shell on the far end has a file for startup, sometimes several (ksh has ~/.profile and ~/.kshrc, the first for login and the second for every ksh start).

It is hard to send some input into ssh and then turn the ssh stdin over to your terminal without introducing delay.

Some people run the ssh in command mode on a shell (no tty), and send a script to that shell to set environment like you desire, and then fire up a terminal, perhaps an xterm through an ssh tunnel to your xserver. So, you get a new terminal for your choice of shell running there, which you can leave up, minimized, one or more for each host. The script can run nohup in the background.

I am hyper, and run a whole Xvnc desktop on every server. That way, each host's desktop is preserved even if connections are lost or other hosts are rebooted. I can reconnect to each desktop with a vncviewer (I use ultravnc) session and, where security demands, an ssh tunnel.
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