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Old 08-03-2011
Autosys Help

Guys, anyone familiar with Unix AutoSys?

I am wondering what is done to make a script located in this dir:


I have access to jil files incase that helps.

to work everyday at 5pm?

Any insight or guidance would be appreciated.
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Old 08-04-2011
/* ----------------- JOB_NAME ----------------- */ 
insert_job: JOB_NAME   job_type: c 
command: /home/user2/
machine: Give Machine Name Here
start_times: "17:00"
owner: owner of the script
permission: gx,wx
description: "Some Description for your script"
std_out_file: /tmp/$AUTO_JOB_NAME.log
std_err_file: /tmp/$AUTO_JOB_NAME.err
alarm_if_fail: 1
profile: /home/user2/.profile

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Old 08-04-2011
Thanks, i have a few questions:

I was able to perform this command:

auto autorep -J TES%

this command listed all the production jobs i have

how do i create a job for the command you posted and have it appear in the list for production jobs?

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Old 08-04-2011
Power Check this link..

The forum do have similar post. Please search for this.

'execute a .jil file'

Hope this help. Else refer any autosys tutorial.
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Old 08-04-2011
where is the link, as that search string did not produce any results.

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Old 08-04-2011
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Old 08-04-2011
Thanks but that link does not have enough information.

1. Should i create a vi file with .jil extension with the job information listed above?
2. should the 'auto auto rep -J <job_name> -d loads the file into db?
3. will loading a file into db cause other jobs to stop?
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