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canonical name in solaris and linux

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Old 08-03-2011
Question canonical name in solaris and linux

How can I get the "canonical name" in solaris and linux?

With canonical name I mean the BOLD text below.


Non-authoritative answer:      canonical name =

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Old 08-03-2011
You are using nslookup already, since this information is on a DNS server.

I think the term is deceptive. A CNAME record says what the canonical name of a secondary name is, so it is a secondary name record, not a canonical name record.

The most real, primary name is the reverse lookup name PTR (my mnemonic is pointer-reverse) record from fake domain (I forget what IPV6 does), which email servers and others will validate. It should have an A (address) record to match, which should be the only A record with that IP. Other names should all be on CNAME records, and all point to that name. People muddy this up all the time.

The nslookup is just telling your the answer is through a CNAME card, not an A card.

It is not that the Holy See is liking this name more, and has admitted it to the CANON. Smilie

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