Extraction of numbers from input

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Old 07-29-2011
Extraction of numbers from input

I have the following input:


I have extract the following:


Can anyone suggest an awk or sed command to do the above...Smilie

another condition is
if the input is :


it shud still extract : 1.4-1

whenever "-" is followed by numbers, it should be extracted till "_WR3"
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Old 07-29-2011
can you give us real sample input (rather than xxxx charachers) ?
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Old 07-29-2011
input: python-2.5.1-26_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp

expected output: 2.5.1-26

input: activemq-cpp-library-3.0.1-1_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp

expected output: 3.0.1-1
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Old 07-29-2011
Its not optimum code i know but try this mate:

echo "python-2.5.1-26_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp" |
sed 's#\([A-Za-z]*\)-\([0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]-[0-9][0-9]*\)_\([A-Za-z]*\)#\2#'


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Old 07-29-2011
sed '/^[^0-9]*\([0-9][0-9.-]*\).*$/ s//\1/'

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Old 07-29-2011
Or try..
echo 'python-2.5.1-26_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp'| sed 's/^[^0-9]*-\([0-9][^_]*\)_.*/\1/'
echo 'activemq-cpp-library-3.0.1-1_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp' | sed 's/^[^0-9]*-\([0-9][^_]*\)_.*/\1/'

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Old 07-29-2011
Originally Posted by michaelrozar17
Or try..
echo 'python-2.5.1-26_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp'| sed 's/^[^0-9]*-\([0-9][^_]*\)_.*/\1/'
echo 'activemq-cpp-library-3.0.1-1_WR3.0bg.armv6jel_vfp' | sed 's/^[^0-9]*-\([0-9][^_]*\)_.*/\1/'

What does the underscore do in this part of code can you explain Michael?

thanks in advance
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