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Old 07-22-2011
Linux - How to Open a Port


I would like to open a specific port for use with a bespoke application.

Before everyone points me to other threads - I read a few but couldn't find any specific to my problem.

Iptables / firewall is disabled
SELinux is also disabled

I would just like to assign this port to this application?

i have tried the commands to add iptables ports and adding a line to the iptables config file but without any success.


can anyone advise what I am doing wrong?
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VENDSTAT(8)							Open IB Diagnostics						       VENDSTAT(8)

VENDSTAT - query InfiniBand vendor specific functions SYNOPSIS vendstat [options] <lid|guid> DESCRIPTION vendstat uses vendor specific MADs to access beyond the IB spec vendor specific functionality. Currently, there is support for Mellanox InfiniSwitch-III (IS3) and InfiniSwitch-IV (IS4). OPTIONS -N show IS3 or IS4 general information. -w show IS3 port xmit wait counters. -i show IS4 counter group info. -c <num,num> configure IS4 counter groups. Configure IS4 counter groups 0 and 1. Such configuration is not persistent across IS4 reboot. First number is for counter group 0 and second is for counter group 1. Group 0 counter config values: :: 0 - PortXmitDataSL0-7 1 - PortXmitDataSL8-15 2 - PortRcvDataSL0-7 Group 1 counter config values: :: 1 - PortXmitDataSL8-15 2 - PortRcvDataSL0-7 8 - PortRcvDataSL8-15 -R, --Read <addr,mask> Read configuration space record at addr -W, --Write <addr,val,mask> Write configuration space record at addr Addressing Flags -G, --Guid The address specified is a Port GUID -L, --Lid The address specified is a LID -s, --sm_port <smlid> use 'smlid' as the target lid for SA queries. Port Selection flags -C, --Ca <ca_name> use the specified ca_name. -P, --Port <ca_port> use the specified ca_port. Local port Selection Multiple port/Multiple CA support: when no IB device or port is specified (see the "local umad parameters" below), the libibumad library selects the port to use by the following criteria: 1. the first port that is ACTIVE. 2. if not found, the first port that is UP (physical link up). If a port and/or CA name is specified, the libibumad library attempts to fulfill the user request, and will fail if it is not possible. For example: ibaddr # use the first port (criteria #1 above) ibaddr -C mthca1 # pick the best port from "mthca1" only. ibaddr -P 2 # use the second (active/up) port from the first available IB device. ibaddr -C mthca0 -P 2 # use the specified port only. Debugging flags -d raise the IB debugging level. May be used several times (-ddd or -d -d -d). -e show send and receive errors (timeouts and others) -h, --help show the usage message -v, --verbose increase the application verbosity level. May be used several times (-vv or -v -v -v) -V, --version show the version info. Configuration flags -t, --timeout <timeout_ms> override the default timeout for the solicited mads. --config, -z <config_file> Specify alternate config file. Default: /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf FILES CONFIG FILE /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf A global config file is provided to set some of the common options for all tools. See supplied config file for details. EXAMPLES :: vendstat -N 6 # read IS3 or IS4 general information vendstat -w 6 # read IS3 port xmit wait counters vendstat -i 6 12 # read IS4 port 12 counter group info vendstat -c 0,1 6 12 # configure IS4 port 12 counter groups for PortXmitDataSL vendstat -c 2,8 6 12 # configure IS4 port 12 counter groups for PortRcvDataSL AUTHOR Hal Rosenstock < > VENDSTAT(8)

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