Bash script to delete file input on command line

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Old 07-21-2011
Bash script to delete file input on command line

1) I wrote a script and gave the desired permissions using "chmod 755 scriptname". Now if i edit the script file, why do i need to set the permission again? Didn't i set the permission attribute.. or if i edit the file, does the inode number of file changes?

2) I am running my unix on a server as a client and I am writing a command "ls &", which gives me list of file along with the PID. there is one peculiar pattern i have noticed-- if i give the same command again and again in succession, the PID received increases by some units every time.
My query is, is it just a coincidence that PID increases?

[anisharm@xxx]>cat trmif
if rm $1
echo "$1 file deleted"
[anisharm@xxx]>sh -x -v trmif chessboard
if rm $1
echo "$1 file deleted"
+ rm chessboard
+ echo 'chessboard file deleted'
chessboard file deleted
[anisharm@xxx]>sh -x -v trmif trmif
if rm $1
echo "$1 file deleted"
+ rm trmif
+ echo 'trmif file deleted'
trmif file deleted

In the script above, i am successfully deleting the script file using the same script. How can it be possible? what is the flow of execution for a script file?
I assume the script file info is read first and then executed later on- irrespective of the state of file.
Please help!!SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

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Old 07-21-2011
Is this because of SILLY QUERY ?

why dont you analyze and share some informatio here ?
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