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Old 07-07-2011
tar file from current folder

Hello guys,

I am sure this has been asked before, but honestly, I cant find post talking about it.

Here is what I need:

- A tar file will be generated manually by user
- This tar file is then used within a bash shell script

My source folder structure is like this:


So, in a folder, I do have several subfolders. On each of these subfolders, I do have files and more subfolders

I want to tar the content of one of these 'day' folders, but the two ways I tried are:

(placed in /basepath/day1):
tar -zcf day1.tar.gz .

Result is that tar.gz file is added to the same tar.gz file itself. These causes problem when uncompressing

(placed in /basepath/):
tar -zcf day1.tar.gz ./day1

This is causing, that, when I untar the file in a tmp directory, all is included in the day1 directory, this way:

tar -zxf ./day1.tar.gz -C /tmp

What I got is:


My script is expecting content in /tmp without any more subfolders

Any advise you can give me guys?
Basically what I am trying to get is just similar as we do in windows: we zip files and folders, and the unzip them in any other folder without informaton from absolute paths

So getting this:


To this:

And not this

As I said, if I tar with first option (tar -zcf day1.tar.gz .) I got the file tar.gz itself compressed. When uncompressing, I am getting some "you cant use utime" error

I hope I could explain myself

Thanks a lot in advanced!
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Old 07-07-2011
I'm confused.
Say you have directories like this

IF you want a tar ball of /month/day1, with the tar ball IN that same directory:
tar zvfc /tmp/month.day1.tar  /month/day1
cp /tmp/month.day1.tar  /month/day1/month.day1.tar

That creates a tar archive with an absolute path, which is not all that useful for some things.

This creates a relative path:

cd /month
tar zvfc /tmp/month.day1.tar  ./day1
cp /tmp/month.day1.tar  /month/day1/month.day1.tar

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Old 07-08-2011
Thanks for the answer, I will try to make this clearer

I do have the following structure:


On each date folder, I do have


Inside 'scripts' and 'templates' there are files, but no more subfolders

I would like to have a 20110701.tar.gz file, when, untar in /tmp, resulted in this:


instead of


If I create the tar file being at /backups/20110701 in this way:

tar -zcf 20110701.tar.gz .

The tar.gz file is added again in the tar file, so when I list content, I get:

tar -tl 20110701.tar.gz

This is causing me problems when uncompressing

Can you help?

Thanks a lot
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