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enabling port 8080

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Old 01-08-2005
enabling port 8080

hey everyone,
i have just finished configuring apache 2.0 with the php and pgsql modules installed on it.. httpd.conf is configured and everything is running right after a lengthy bit of reading and struggling with the system.. the only problem left is how do i enable the port that i would access httpd -X through (the webrouser for short). 80 is used and apachect1 is running on 8080 but it won't connect to a virtual host . i remeber seeing something about "Enable 8080" in the manual but this does not seem to be working and i can't seem to find where it is locate in the manual itself.. any feedback on the matter would greatly be appreciated.
thanx moxxx68
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Old 01-08-2005
Just make sure that the Listen directive within httpd.conf is set to whatever port you want to use, e.g.

Listen 8080

Also; ensure that the following directive is inside httpd.conf too...
ServerName localhost:8080
This is all assuming that you just want to browse to this via your LAN and you have no domain, etc.... If you're just running a single "site" locally on your server then there's no real need for a VirtualHost at all.

Out of interest - you say that port 80 is already in use - what is already using this port? This is reserved for http and unless you've got another HTTP server running this port should be free for Apache to use.

Do "apachectl restart" after editing httpd.conf.

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Old 01-08-2005
If youre trying to connect from outside your network, you ISP might block port 8080. Not sure if this is the case with you, but just a pointer.
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Old 01-09-2005
to answer dangrals question I am from within my network.. . and to answer zazzybobs question I actually downloaded the apache I am running at this point so there may have been another apache preinstalled if so what should i do to get back port 80.. also it may be have been accidentally used on a samba configuration.. once again how would i go about getting this port back.. one last thing for zazzybob if you could please fill me in a little more on what you mentioned on virtual hosts not needing it and so on?
thanx moxxx68

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