Unable to send single and double quotes to command

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Old 06-30-2011
Unable to send single and double quotes to command

Hi Unix experts,

Believe me, this forum has been really great help and I searched for many things that were already answered before open new post that were just new versions of old one, but with this one, I just can't simply move any forward.

This must be quite easy, but I cant find where I am losing my head.

Here is the thing, I need to pass a command an attribute with following format:

' "server/project" '

(spaces and quotes are mandatory)

So let's see tests I did:

1- I manually indicate values in the command. Works fine

$istoolDir/istool import -replace -ds ' "VLIRODSU/TestProject" '

2 - Try to create the value passed to ds option in a previous variable

opciones="' \"$estaMaq/$proyecto\" '"
echo $opciones
$istoolDir/istool import -replace -ds $opciones

Executing the script...
[dsadm@vlirodsu pases]$ ./install.sh
' "VLIRODSU/TestProject" '
ERROR: Not an option: "VLIRODSU/TestProject"
When I execute the script, I get correct value when executing echo, but when command is launched, I got an error as the option passed was illegal, seems single quotes are missing

3 - Try to escape quotes:

$istoolDir/istool import -replace -ds ' \"' $estaMaq/$proyecto '\" '

But again, script execution fails:
ERROR: Not an option: VLIRODSU/TestProject
Now both singe and double quotes seem to be missing in the option value

As said, I tried to research the forum but could not resolve the problem

If you guys help me out, it would be very appreciated

Thanks very much in advanced
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Old 06-30-2011
Try this:

opciones=' "server/project" '
"$istoolDir"/istool import -replace -ds "' $opciones '"

Note that the identifier opciones is passed to istool in double quotes.
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