What is difference between pwd and .

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Old 06-16-2011
What is difference between pwd and .

Difference between pwd (present working directory) and . (current working directory).

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pwd is a command which prints the working directory. PWD is an environmental variable in the bash shell which allows you to determine the cwd in a script without resorting to calling the pwd command (OLDPWD is the previous working directory used by cd -).

. is a way of addressing the current working directory in a shell, however it is a relative path rather than an absolute one, both have their place.
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The filename . (dot) represents the current working directory. The pwd command displays the absolute pathname of the current working directory to the computer screen. Use the -P option to display the physical current working directory (all symbolic links resolved).
E.g. The directory /opt/strs4-hertog/log is a symbolic link to /opt/civision/spool/streamserve
# cd /opt/strs4-hertog/log
# pwd
# pwd -P

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