Removing duplicate rows & selecting only latest date

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Removing duplicate rows & selecting only latest date


From a file I need to remove duplicate rows based on the first column data but also we need to consider a date column where we need to keep the latest date (13th column).


Input File:

0015198310301016542R1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||F|GBP|20050905||20151003|20091103|||0|1,000000|1 ,000000||5,340000|5,340000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
0015198310301016542R1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||F|GBP|20050905||20151003|20151103|||0|1,000000|1 ,000000||5,340000|5,340000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
0015198310301016542R1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||F|GBP|20050905||20151003||||0|1,000000|1,000000| |5,340000|5,340000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
0015198310301016543E1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||V|GBP|20040923||20170903||||0|1,000000|1,000000| |1,500000|1,500000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
0015198310301016543E1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||V|GBP|20040923||20170903||||0|1,000000|1,000000| |1,500000|1,500000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
Output File:

0015198310301016542R1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||F|GBP|20050905||20151003|20151103|||0|1,000000|1 ,000000||5,340000|5,340000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
0015198310301016543E1|0015|001519831030101654||2|2||V|GBP|20040923||20170903||||0|1,000000|1,000000| |1,500000|1,500000|||0,000000|||20090609|20090609|20090609
I know how to take out the duplicates but I couldn't figure out selecting the latest date based on column 13th.

Can you please help me?

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Few rows doesn't have the 13th column, what about these ?
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Try this..

perl -F'\|' -lane '$hash{$F[0]}=$_ if($F[13] <= $hash{$F[0]})}{print $_ for values %hash' input

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if the column is common through-out, use awk like awk '{print $col_number}' to extract this field firstly and then go for extracting the latest one (tail -1 or head -1 depends upon your requirement).
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Lets say a file has rows with 2 columns & the file is sorted. Commad below will look for duplicates based on data in column1. If there are no duplicates it traverses forward. If duplicates are found, it reads column2 data for comparison and returns the row having largest value in column2.




awk -F"|" '{if(! a[$1] ) {a[$1]=$2;b[++i]=$0} else if( $2 > a[$1]){a[$1]=$2;b[i]=$0}} END {for(j=1;j<=i;j++) {print b[j]}}' inputfile.txt


Try this on your file after changing the coulmn entries.
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Thanks Sheel!

If I use the same code as yours I can get rid of duplicates however, it is not selecting the latest date. Can you please let me know what is the change required for selecting the latest date on column 13th?


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Just figured it. Thanks a lot for the help.

Last edited by shash; 06-08-2011 at 01:20 PM.. Reason: Got the code to work a bit

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