Setting alias with echoing embedded $ sign

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Old 05-24-2011
Setting alias with echoing embedded $ sign

I tried to set up some alias in my .profile to save typing. One of the alais i tried to set up is

alais test='echo 123$acct54679abc'

But when I typed in test in the command line. The echo only dispaly 123 and truncated all the string starting from the $ sign. Is there any way to display the whole string with the $ sign enbedded ?

Thanks for all your help.
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Old 05-24-2011
Try \$
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Old 05-24-2011

Do you mean to use

alias test='echo 123/$acct54679abc' ?

But I need to echo the exact txt, any help ?
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Old 05-24-2011
Not quite. A backslash, as Corona suggested:
$ alias test='echo 123\$acct54679abc'
$ test

Why not just try it?

Note, though, that test is an external command, and is often the same as, or linked to by [, and might cause problems if you ever use test, over [ - so use a different name.


$ alias test='echo 123\$acct54679abc'

$ if test 1 -eq 2; then echo yes; else echo no; fi
123$acct54679abc 1 -eq 2

$ unalias test
$ if test 1 -eq 2; then echo yes; else echo no; fi

$ ls -l /bin/test
-r-xr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  63184 18 May  2009 /bin/test

$ ls -l /bin/[
-r-xr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  63184 18 May  2009 /bin/[

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Old 05-24-2011
@ oht: Just change the variable name from test to test_it like this:
test_it='echo 123\$acct54679abc'

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Old 05-24-2011
@ AlphaLexman: It's not a variable, it's an alias.
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Old 05-24-2011
@ scottn: Thanks you are right. What I meant was this then.

@ oht: Just change the alias name from test to test_it like this:

alias test_it='echo 123\$acct54679abc'


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