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Remove a carriage return at end of variable



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Old 11-17-2004
Remove a carriage return at end of variable

Is there a command in unix to remove a carriage return character(^M) at the end of a variable value?
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Old 11-17-2004
$ FOO="bar
> "
$ echo "$FOO"

$ echo "$BAR"

$ BAR=`echo $FOO`
$ echo "$BAR"

In other words, "echo" will chomp it when used without quotes.
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Old 11-17-2004
^M must not be carriage return

Before and after I tried to remove the ^M with the echo command, (per your instructions) it did not put an extra line between the output of these commands:
echo $variable
echo $variable
echo $variable
echo $bar
echo $bar
echo $bar

Sorry, I must have wrong, ^M must not be a carriage return, at least not to the echo command. After doing the
bar=`echo $variable`, the ^M is still there at the end of the variable bar.
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Old 11-17-2004
echo "helloworld^M" | sed 's/\^M//'
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Old 11-17-2004
If u just simply want to chop off the last character ....
do the following ....

echo "hello" | sed 's/.$//'

or u can file streams as input to sed .... ;
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Old 11-17-2004
That worked, THANKS!!!!

The sed command to remove any last character, worked like a champ! Thank you.

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