How to use 'nohup' and 'at' commands collectively?

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Old 04-07-2011
How to use 'nohup' and 'at' commands collectively?

I have a unix script named 'test1' and it can be run using parameters say a, b and c. i.e. the command would be
test1 -a -b -c

this script gives the output in the log file as
script started
start time: 10.22 pm 7 april
end time: 10.30 pm 7 april
script finished

Now, i want to run this batch at some later time. say i want to run it at 2:00 am in the night when no one is there in the office. so i am giveing the command as
nohup at -f `test1 -a -b -c` 2 am 08april

I fire this command and close the session. The next day when i come to the office I see that the log file is showing me below output
script started
start time: 10.22pm 7 april

Thus the script starts as soon as fired and it stops running as soon as i close the session.

please help me in resolving this. please also let me know if my issue is not clear.


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Old 04-07-2011
A few things.
  1. By putting it in backticks, you're running this 'test1' command immediately.
  2. -f doesn't take parameters and doesn't take commands. It takes a bourne script file and nothing but a bourne script file.
  3. nohup is redundant here, running something by at instead is at least as good as it by itself. 'at' doesn't stick around. The command just hands off your request to the at daemon then quits. the at daemon itself will run the command later, quite independent of your own session.
  4. Without the full path, it may have no idea where test1 is. It may not have the full PATH you're used to so specify an absolute path.

Fortunately you can avoid having to create a script file to feed it a command in. Try:

echo '/path/to/test1 -a -b -c' | at 2am 08 april

It's usually not a good idea to name scripts 'test'. There's already a 'test' command that you don't want it confused with.

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Old 04-08-2011
I tried with the given command but it is giving the error as 'date is not in the correct format'.
I also tried with the below commands:
echo 'autobatch -bl -bc'|at 5:10 pm 08 april
echo 'autobatch -bc -mand'|at 5:10pm 08april2011
echo 'autobatch -bc -mand'|at 5:10pm today
echo 'autobatch -bc -mand' | at 05:10pm today
echo `autobatch -bc`|at 5:10pm today
echo 'autobatch -bc'|at 05 pm 08 april
echo 'autobatch -bc'|at 5:10pm 8april
echo 'autobatch -bc'|at 5:10pm 8 april 2011

but its giving the syntax error.

please help me in this.

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Old 04-08-2011
echo 'autobatch -bl -bc'|at 5:10 pm 08 april

should work fine. Does it give the same error or something else?

I also note you're not giving the complete path like I suggested. echo '/path/to/autobatch -bl -bc' | at ...
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