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Old 03-31-2011
Data Can't Open Display localhost:0.0

I'm trying to connect to my linux server but I'm having some major problems. The server had OEL 5 installed and my local pc is running Windows XP. I'm using PuTTy to connect to the server with Xming running on my loacl machine. I login as root and run the following command -
export DISPLAY={ipaddress}:0.0

I then run xclock and get the following error -
Xlib: connection to "{ipaddress}:0.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified
Error: Can't open display: {ipaddress}:0.0

The strange thing is that on my bosses pc (who has got almost the exact same setup ie. PuTTy & Xming) is works perfectly.

Please help.

Thanx in advance.

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Old 03-31-2011
Try turning off your firewall.
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Old 04-01-2011
That was one of the first things I checked and it is off.
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Old 04-01-2011
Is there any NAT between you and the server?
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Old 04-01-2011
Just an idea: instead of setting the DISPLAY variable manually, why not enable X11 Forwarding in PuTTY (Connection -> SSH -> X11)? That way the variable is set automagically, and all X11 data is sent through an encrypted link.
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Old 04-01-2011
maybe your X server is running with the "-nolisten tcp" option.
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