multiline comment in shell script

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multiline comment in shell script

Is thery any way to give comment to multiple line without explicitly specifying # at the begining of each line ?
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Afaik no. You can help yourself with maybe putting multiple lines into a function, that will never be called. Let's say we want to "comment" cmd3-5:

cmd 1
cmd 2
cmd 3
cmd 4
cmd 5
cmd 6

Since function dummy will never be called, you will have the effect you are asking for. As with # commented lines, you have to care for correct syntax like if/then/fi, case/esac, while/do/done, for/do/done, and so on.
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You can also try this:

cmd 1
cmd 2
: || : << END_OF_COMMENT
cmd 3
cmd 4
cmd 5
cmd 6

In this case you don't have to care about correct syntax in the commented out section.

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