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Old 12-03-2000

I would like to set up an E-mail forwarding service like Netaddress whereby users would be able to create an E-mail account in my domain name and have all the mail sent to that account forwarded to an alternate address they specify.

I know that I can redirect mail sent to my domain using a .forward file but it seems that ALL E-mail accounts under my domain are affected. Is there a way to configure this file to specify different addresses for each user ?

Would it involve the use of specific software ? My web site is currently hosted and is running Linux with Apache server. Maybe there are there Apache-specific features to achieve that ?
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Old 12-03-2000
If each user has their own Unix shell account, then you would setup a .forward file in each of their home directories as appropriate. If you have a hosted account with only one true Unix login, but the ability to receive email at multiple addresses within that single login, then things are a little more complicated. A solution is relatively simple if your host system is running qmail rather than sendmail. It would be best to ask your administrator for the best solution if this is the case as they will know the specifics of how your system is setup.

Apache is web-server software, and does not have any control over email.
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