TRU64 Filesystem Issue

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TRU64 Filesystem Issue

Hi Guys i cant find any anwers everywhere hope you can help me, we have an issue with our Tru64 V5.1 2650 alpha server, its saying that a FS is full but its not, free space is very low but if you check its fs and its usage, free fs should be high:

$ df -i
Filesystem            512-blocks        Used   Available Capacity     Iused       Ifree  %Iused  Mounted on

1data                    3274905600   615969042         544   100%          18      419500     0%   /01
2data                    3274905600   812596576         544   100%          16      419502     0%   /05
3data                    3274905600   751636784         544   100%          19      419499     0%   /06
4data                    3274905600    33181776         544   100%           5      419513     0%   /07
5data                     3274905600    40967616         544   100%           4      419514     0%   /08
6data                     3274905600    29300224         544   100%           8      419510     0%   /09
7adata                   3274905600   794328368         544   100%          19      419499     0%   /10
8data                    3274905600   196614240         544   100%           6      419512     0%   /11

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Please use [code] tags around your output to help line it up properly.

I'm not sure what you mean - is it really full, or are you out of inodes (two different issues)? If it says it's full, and you disbelieve that, why do you disbelieve it?

I'm not sure about the filesystems that are available on Tru64, but some filesystem reserve a small percentage for the root user, to prevent a non-root user from using 100% of the filesystem space.

If you're out of inodes, then bummer - either delete files or recreate the filesystem and restore. I'm not aware of any filesystem that uses precomputed inode tables having the ability to expand the number of inodes on the fly.
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You are only showing us a subset of the filesystems. For example, I do not see the root filesystem in what you have shown us.
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Hi Guys below is a more human readable output... as you can see fs is 100% full and yet used fs is low.

Filesystem                  Size        Used   Available Capacity  Mounted on
root                            384M        181M        190M    49%    /
/proc                                  0           0           0   100%    /proc
usr                                 11G       5280M       3905M    58%    /usr
var                                 11G       2481M       3905M    39%    /var
tmp                                11G       1668K       3905M     1%    /tmp
fs1                                  14G         11G       2602M    82%    /1a
fs2                                  27G        113M         27G     1%    /1b
fs3                                163G        157G       5864M    97%    /1c
fs4                                  14G       2024M       7827M    21%    /1d
fs5                                   14G       2024M       7827M    21%    /02
fs6                                   14G       2024M       7827M    21%    /03
fs7                                1562G        294G        272K   100%    /04
fs8                                1562G        387G        272K   100%    /05
fs9                                1562G        358G        272K   100%    /06
fs10                              1562G         16G        272K   100%    /07
fs11                              1562G         20G        272K   100%    /08
fs12                              1562G         14G        272K   100%    /09
fs13                              1562G        379G        272K   100%    /10
fs14                              1562G         94G        272K   100%    /11

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Now please provide a listing of all the filesystems using df -i not just part of the listing.
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Hi, Inode details is on my first post.. no issues with inodes, usage is very low.
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Your first post only includes inodes for data filesystems, not root, etc.

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