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How to run multiple piped commands in a find -exec statement?

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Old 03-02-2011
How to run multiple piped commands in a find -exec statement?

I can't get this to work. Running a single command works fine:
find . -name "*.dat" -exec wc -l '{}' \;

gives me the file name and number of lines in each .dat file in the directory.

But what if I want to pipe commands, e.g. to grep something and get the number of lines with that pattern in each file?

These both give me syntax errors:
find . -name "*.dat" -exec grep XXX | wc -l '{}' \;
find . -name "*.dat" -exec grep XXX '{}' | wc -l \;

I tried quoting the whole piped expression both ways as well:
find . -name "*.dat" -exec "grep XXX | wc -l '{}'" \;
find . -name "*.dat" -exec "grep XXX '{}' | wc -l" \;

These both run without errors but neither produces any output (and there are XXX patterns in the files).

How do I write this command?


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Old 03-02-2011
Your problem arises from the fact that "find" is not a shell and does not know how to process the pipeline character '|'. My solution would be to switch to a shell. My login shell is ksh so I can do:
find . -name '*.dat'  | while read filename ; do grep XXX $filename | wc -l ; done

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Old 03-02-2011
try to use xargs -

find . -name '*.dat' | xargs wc -l
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Old 08-02-2011
Find with Pipe

Try this

find . -type d -name somedirname -exec ksh -c 'echo -n $1" ";ls -ltr $1|wc -l' {} {} \;

This will serach for all directories from current direcotry and will give count of number (+1) of files/dirs present in that directory.

For your original question:
find . -type f -name "*.dat" -exec ksh -c 'echo -n $1" ";grep XXXX $1|wc -l ' {} {} \;

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