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Newb question

I don't even know if this should go here but I just would like to know what this means:


I know absolutely nothin' about UNIX, and I found this in a SQL table in a board I run.

Someone please tell me what that is in "normal" mode.

Pardon me for my ignorance.
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Hmm, just looks like hexadecimal to me....

How exactly have you got this value, from a "SELECT * FROM foo;" or whatever?

What is the column header (field name), it might indicate what this could be related to.....

I've converted this value to an ascii string and it doesn't give anything useful.

Explain a bit more as to how you found this value (table name, field name, etc)

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Okay. What that thing is is a member's password (and no, I don't want to change it, I need his REAL password).

I entered the admin cp in my board (Invision Board 1.1.2 Powered) and accessed "mySQL tables".
Then I accessed the "ibf_members" table. I found the member and under the heading "Password" this thing appeared.


As far as I know it is UNIX, or that is what I've been told. I also know that some other headings are in UNIX. Take "Join Date" :
Instead of saying Oct 3 2004, 03:38 PM it says 1096835915, which is UNIX.

Help me please.
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If it's a password, it will have been one-way encrypted. (probably using PHP's crypt() function). Therefore, you will not be able to gain the members real password (unless you use some form of brute force cracker on it).

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why would you wana no there password anyway? looks like your just interested in gettin into other accounts they mite have...

just a thought

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