Meaning of unix-rt ldp file type

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Meaning of unix-rt ldp file type


I was wondering what this file type means...
assuming it is some type of data.
Is ldp - Linux Doc Program?

What type of program would be used to read or interpret this file type?

As you can see I'm not a developer, and don't review these
types of files. But would like to view the contents if possible.

It's some type of stats data file with timestamp.

switch.101420041700-0b: unix-rt ldp

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First of all, have you just tried viewing the file using a pager such as "more" or "less".

Try running "file foo.ldp", what does that give.

The only LDP I can think of is the Linux Documentation Project!

THere's a proprietry windows format of *.ldp files for some kind of Label printing software, but I doubt it's that.

Where is this output from....
switch.101420041700-0b: unix-rt ldp


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