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I work for a very small ISP who up until now has run a combination of Win2000 and NT4 servers for our services (mail, DNS, dial-up).

Our equipment is showing it's age and we have been looking into changing into a Unix environment.

Our biggest challenge right now is our dial-up customers. The modem racks we currently have are embedded into Compaq NT4 machines and getting very tempermental.

We have one Portmaster 3, that we would like to migrate over to (once that is established we would add another PM3), but getting the user database over to a Win2000 server (and the every cooperative Active Directory) has been less than pleasant.

At this point I can either go and start learning Win2000/2003 and Active Directory or Unix.

Being an Apple fan for many years, and since the release of OS X, I would rather invest my time learning the Unix side and translate that over to the servers here at work.

My question basically is this...

What resources (websites or books) would you guys recommend for a Unix newbie to get a hold of to gain the knowledge needed to convert a small ISP into a Unix environment.

I apologize for such a broad statement (I realize there are a number of things to do), but I can't seem to get a start anywhere while I am constantly putting out the Win fires I currently have.

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