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Error login problem at work help!

I am working on a hp c3700 and I can logon as root but, not as myself. I get this error. The authentication file ~/ICEauthority could not be created. I'm trying to log on to a local machine. Can anyone help?

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what error you get when you trying to log in? and do you login remotely or locally? and using ssh or telnet or whatever? :-)
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Thanks I fixed it wooo hooo

Thanks again for the help... I fixed my problem by changing the permissions on the .ICEauthority file to rwx and now I'm able to login.

Last edited by Jeremy Johnson; 10-15-2004 at 01:59 PM..
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It'd be nice if you posted your solution, so that other people who might have the same problem in the future can benefit from your fix.

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Yuppers your are right. Sorry was just happy to get in and wasn't thinking .

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