no [find -mmin -1]

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Question no [find -mmin -1]

I wanna show all files minute old, one hour old, five hours old and so on...

in my OS (HP-UX) there's only the command ..

find -name "..." -mtime -n

but this is only for days, there isn't something like -mmin -n ...just don't know what to do. also the newer than option isn't very comfortable.

is there a chance of integrating another find bin? and when, where to get? just like running...

./newfind -name "..." -mmin -1 shouldn't be the problem.
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See this thread for information on using the find command to search for files based upon time. Also see man find

The find command is really powerful as you can search for files modifed down to an exact (well almost) time using a reference file

touch -t 03201600 /tmp/datefile
creates a file with timestamp of March 20, 4:00

find . -newer /tmp/datefile -print
find files newer than timestamp of datefile - granular to within one minute
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Lightbulb whoooooooo..

that sounds really exciting. I'll have a look, get on trying and write back soon....
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MySQL works great !...

exactly that I've searched for....

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