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I have LANG set to C.iso88591 what does this value mean and what other options do I have?

The problem is that I am using mailx to send out reports. When the report arrives the email has a lot of details about a charecter set not being supported.

I don't want to have a null value because I'm not sure what else uses this var.

Many thanks,

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apport-bug(1)						      General Commands Manual						     apport-bug(1)

apport-bug, apport-collect - file a bug report using Apport, or update an existing report SYNOPSIS
apport-bug apport-bug symptom | pid | package | program path | .apport/.crash file apport-collect report-number DESCRIPTION
apport-bug reports problems to your distribution's bug tracking system, using Apport to collect a lot of local information about your sys- tem to help the developers to fix the problem and avoid unnecessary question/answer turnarounds. You should always start with running apport-bug without arguments, which will present a list of known symptoms. This will generate the most useful bug reports. If there is no matching symptom, you need to determine the affected program or package yourself. You can provide a package name or program name to apport-bug, e. g.: apport-bug firefox apport-bug /usr/bin/unzip In order to add more information to the bug report that could help the developers to fix the problem, you can also specify a process ID instead: $ pidof gnome-terminal 5139 $ apport-bug 5139 As a special case, to report a bug against the Linux kernel, you do not need to use the full package name (such as linux- image-2.6.28-4-generic); you can just use apport-bug linux to report a bug against the currently running kernel. Finally, you can use this program to report a previously stored crash or bug report: apport-bug /var/crash/_bin_bash.1000.crash apport-bug /tmp/apport.firefox.332G9t.apport Bug reports can be written to a file by using the --save option or by using apport-cli. apport-bug detects whether KDE or Gnome is running and calls apport-gtk or apport-kde accordingly. If neither is available, or the session does not run under X11, it calls apport-cli for a command-line client. UPDATING EXISTING REPORTS
apport-collect collects the same information as apport-bug, but adds it to an already reported problem you have submitted. This is useful if the report was not originally filed through Apport, and the developers ask you to attach information from your system. OPTIONS
Please see the apport-cli(1) manpage for possible options. ENVIRONMENT
APPORT_IGNORE_OBSOLETE_PACKAGES Apport refuses to create bug reports if the package or any dependency is not current. If this environment variable is set, this check is waived. Experts who will thoroughly check the situation before filing a bug report can define this in their ~/.bashrc or temporarily on the command line when calling apport-bug. SEE ALSO
apport-cli(1) AUTHOR
apport and the accompanying tools are developed by Martin Pitt <>. Martin Pitt September 08, 2009 apport-bug(1)

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