how to upload files on unix to SharePoint

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Question how to upload files on unix to SharePoint


I would like to upload text files in my unix directory to a folder in the SharePoint webserver, but have no idea to how do it. I was thinking of using ftp to send files from unix to SharePoint server. However I have heard that the files on the SharePoint are not physically saved on a folder, but in a SQL database.

Has anyone had experience in this? Can I use a unix script or Perl script to accomplish this task? Is there a SharePoint service that I can use in the unix or perl script to upload the files?

Thanks so much!

Sheldon Wang
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Question just don't really know...

I haven't got any anticipation what you really mean, because I never worked with things like SQL, Sharepoint or Perl.

But I've found this link...perhaps a suggestion. only a try. maybe you can use it.
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Thanks for the reply. The SharePoint is a Microsoft product that hosts a website that can be shared by multiple persons. I will have a look at the links that you have suggested.

Sheldon Wang
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Please post a reply back to this forum if you figure out how to do this. We are migrating to Sharepoint here as well and I would be interested in what you come up with. Thanks.

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