Picking problem with printers

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Picking problem with printers

Hello to everybody i have problem the picking process falls and falls.

I dont now what the picking process do i believe that is a print server on a data base i dont know where to look.

Is a solaris 10 with korn sheell the process show this
ps -ef | grep picking
batch 18466     1   0 11:31:20 pts/2       0:00 -ksh -c ./picking/activeimpresion.sh DESA&
batch 18348     1   0 11:31:12 pts/2       0:00 -ksh -c ./picking/activeimpresion.sh PRO&

The scripts do this (activeimpresion.sh)
. oraenv
procbus=`/home/batch/picking/search_printer.sh $base` 

if test $procbus -eq 0
        echo start impresion $base `date` >>out
        /home/batch/picking/eje_ImpPicking.sh $base>> out&
        echo the printer is in en $base `date` >> out

Where i have to check? o do? this process is always falling? thank you very much Smilie

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going to need more info to help. Need to know what search_printer.sh has in it.
what eje_impPicking.sh has in it. What users is this running as? is the source oraenv in place and usable? can this user connect to the databases being passed DESA and PRO. has there been a password change that did not get put into oracle?

This will probably be a start point. Have to see from there.
# 3  
procSleep=`ps -ef | grep batch | grep  'sleep 26' | grep -v grep| wc -l `
if test $procSleep -eq 0
    procSleep=`ps -ef | grep batch | grep  Imp_Picking_Desa| grep -v grep| wc -l `
export procSleep
echo $procSleep
procSleep=`ps -ef | grep batch | grep  'sleep 27' | grep -v grep| wc -l `
if test $procSleep -eq 0
    procSleep=`ps -ef | grep batch | grep  Imp_Picking_Prod | grep -v grep| wc -l `
export procSleep
echo $procSleep


case $base in 
while true
  /home/batch/picking/Imp_Picking_Desa 2>err_reg.txt
  if [ $? != 0 ]
    exit 0
  sleep 25
while true
  /home/batch/picking/Imp_Picking_Prod 2>err_pob.txt
  if [ $? != 0 ]
    exit 0
  sleep 26

The source is place and usable and this script start with a menu, perm and password are okey, because the script work but randomly stop.

Thank you agaian
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ok so the flow is:
activeimpresion.sh is called by cron ??

----> it checks (calls) serach_printer <BASE>
-------------> search_printer does a ps to see what is running and set count
----> if count = 0 search_printer does ps and count for imp_Picking_prod
but no matter what results procSleep is exported and echoed out.
**** now I don't see a exit end the echo could feed back to the calling shell if it does not do anything else (risky)
-----> now back at activeimpresion
-> if return from search_printer is 0
------> call eje_Imp_Picking
--> echo stuff and end (maybe looks like alot of script is missing so doing my best guess)
------> call eje_imp does a case (lots missing again) calling imp_picking_prod with error out to err_prob.txt

status chaeck and other stuff....

ok what is in err_prob.txt, what in the script or program Imp_Picking_prod

Also do you know how far you get into the script(s) before it fails???
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In erro_prb.txt there is nothing ant in the script i do a file

And when i do file to imp_picking_prod : ELF 32-bit MSB executable SPARC Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped

how far? is random all i know that when a came to barck the have to era the picking. Can you explain what picking is? jeje thank you
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this seems to be linked to a application. Not so much a OS issue.
do you get output from a
 lpstat -a

What is the system used for? is this Oracle EBS or Financial 's ?

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