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Get all values separated with spaces(solved)

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Old 01-25-2011
Get all values separated with spaces(solved)

Hi, i have this text:

X (m) 4917536.9627 4917536.9673 0.0090 -0.0046
Y (m) -815726.1383 -815726.1294 0.0061 -0.0089
Z (m) 3965857.4730 3965857.4840 0.0071 -0.0110

X (m) 4917536.9627 4917537.1411 -0.1784 0.1710
Y (m) -815726.1383 -815726.4859 0.3476 0.3489
Z (m) 3965857.4730 3965857.1207 0.3523 0.3698

X (m) 4917537.8768 4917536.9176 0.0091 0.9593
Y (m) -815727.7791 -815726.1229 0.0062 -1.6562
Z (m) 3965857.0042 3965857.4418 0.0072 -0.4376

X (m) 4917536.9176 4917537.1411 -0.2235 0.2222
Y (m) -815726.1229 -815726.4859 0.3630 0.3595
Z (m) 3965857.4418 3965857.1207 0.3211 0.3280

3965858.087 2009/08/15

1 STAX CASC 09:228:00019 m 4917536.920707524754
2 STAY CASC 09:228:00019 m -815726.122450050898
3 STAZ CASC 09:228:00019 m 3965857.444237594958

X: 4917537.752(m) 0.041(m)
Y: -815726.233(m) 0.014(m)
Z: 3965858.090(m) 0.024(m)

CASC 4917536.9151 -815726.1162 3965857.4368 ITRF2005

and i want to get all values that are separate with a space and put them in a variable.

Can any body help me?


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I found the answer. Thanks any way
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Old 01-27-2011
Could you post the answer?
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Old 01-27-2011
The answer is:
first i get the line that i want like this
variable=`head -n 4 file | tail -n 1`

the i get the position of the string:
varx1=`echo $variable | awk '{ print $4 }'`

print is the position of the string

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