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Mail Exchange Server

I've got a question regarding setting up mail between two unix boxes. Is it possible to setup two boxes conected via a hub and allow them to send mail using the Netscape Messenger. I know that I can be done so using the UNIX sendmail but I need to connect them via Messenger as my ultimate goal is to connect them to Windows NT and allow mail transfer. Is this possible if so how?

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WWW::Topica::Mail(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    WWW::Topica::Mail(3pm)

WWW::Topica::Mail - parse a single Topica mailing list mail SYNOPSIS
my $index = WWW::Topic::Index->new($index_html); foreach my $mess_id ($index->message_ids) { # the mail has some information and also provides a link to the reply ... my $mail = WWW::Topica::Mail->new($topica->fetch_mail($mess_id), $mess_id); # which has other information (like the un-htmled mail and the email address) ... my $reply = WWW::Topica::Reply->new($topica->fetch_reply($mail->id, $mail->eto), $mail->id, $mail->eto); } print "Next offset is ".$index->next." "; print "Previous offset is ".$index->prev." "; DESCRIPTION
Used to parse a single message page from's mailing list indexes. Message pages have the subject and the date and time of the mail being sent as well as a full name of each sender. METHODS
new <page html> <id> Takes the page html and the message-id and parses the html. parse <html> Parse the html to get message ids and next & prev offsets. id Get the id of this mail eto Get the eto of the next reply we need to get date Get the date of this mail subject The subject of the mail from Get the name of the person it was from body Get the body of the mail. AUTHOR
Simon Wistow <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2004, Simon Wistow perl v5.10.1 2006-01-03 WWW::Topica::Mail(3pm)