subfolders help please important

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mkdir -p users/test2/a1
mkdir -p users/test2/a2
mkdir -p users/test2/a3

is not the solution ????

sry if u understood diffrently ;
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Lightbulb not really...

I just don't wanna create hundreds of subfolders.....more like "reading folders and writing folders", like a batch or so....not knowing how the subfolders all are called

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it's getting on ...

mkdir -p `cat file1`

...didn't make it. without -p you can see that the system wanna create a folder (users/test1), but logical the folder already exists.

so it should be a loop like...

cd users/test1
sed -e 's/test1/test2' file1 > file2
mkdir -p `cat file2`


by the way, how getting an input of a folder in a shell?

read fold1
$fold1 >file1


how it is possible to check date and time of some files?

just find files, that were created only a few minutes ago...


find . -name "*.exe" |sort -ctime 1



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MySQL problems for the time being solved ..


thx goes to 'Driver' who made it...

some missing marks (/ `) made it a little bit difficult..
sed -e s/test1/test2/ file1>file2
mkdir -p `cat file2`
read fold1
echo "$fold1" >file1
find . -name "*.exe" -mtime -1

Smilie ciao!...

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