Advice to build a cheap Unix machine?

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Old 09-17-2004
Advice to build a cheap Unix machine?


In my perpetual quest to learn Unix, I want to build a cheap Unix server for my personal use.

Do you guys have suggestions of web sites, vendors etc...where I could get info on things such as step-by-step instruction, 2nd hand hardware etc...

I would like to go preferably with a HP type OS but I am okay with Linux. My budget is no more than $1,000.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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Old 09-18-2004
My PIII PC runs with FreeBSd 5.1 + Win98 and I use Slackware linux for a long time.
A while ago I setted up a new server. It is 200MMX , 16MB Edo RAM , 1.2 + 2.4 GB HDD. It runs well. I use OpsnBSD 3.5 as my OS.
I am planning to use it as a router and ssh server (maybe in addtion a FTP server).
Slackware linux will also runs fast with such a configuration with compared to other distros (suse , redhat...).
I didnot install the X server as you can guess.
But now I have a problem with the system! But it was my mistake. I can't login Smilie

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Old 09-21-2004
You can download Slackware Linux for free (as an example) so your OS is free.

You can pick up a last generation Intel plaform that will perform very well for under $500 (under $350 maybe).

You can use the left over cash to purchase a cool new PDA cell phone Smilie

No need to spend anywhere close to $1000 to learn UNIX or Linux.....

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