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Old 12-18-2010
Network qmail bounce

Hello, i seem to be facing a strange problem. I send my emails via qmail (on linux) and all the emails gets delivered to the recipient's inbox and bounces back to the sender's address and well. This happens irrespective of the recipient's email domain (gmail, yahoo, hotmail...).
We recently revamped the email delivery application and it's been happening ever since, on a consistent basis. The previous application however sends emails successfully, although they run on a different Linux box.

We noticed that the bounce messages contained one of the two error codes "5.1.1 Bad alias" or "5.2.2 - Recipient inbox full", both of which are not true.

Could you please help ?

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qmail-control(5)                                                File Formats Manual                                               qmail-control(5)

qmail-control - qmail configuration files INTRODUCTION
You can change the behavior of the qmail system by modifying qmail's control files in /var/lib/qmail/control. qmail can survive with just one control file, me, containing the fully-qualified name of the current host. This file is used as the default for other hostname-related control files. Comments are allowed in badmailfrom, locals, percenthack, qmqpservers, rcpthosts, smtproutes, and virtualdomains. Trailing spaces and tabs are allowed in any control file. The following table lists all control files other than me. See the corresponding man pages for further details. control default used by badmailfrom (none) qmail-smtpd bouncefrom MAILER-DAEMON qmail-send bouncehost me qmail-send concurrencylocal 10 qmail-send concurrencyremote 20 qmail-send defaultdomain me qmail-inject defaulthost me qmail-inject databytes 0 qmail-smtpd doublebouncehost me qmail-send doublebounceto postmaster qmail-send envnoathost me qmail-send helohost me qmail-remote idhost me qmail-inject localiphost me qmail-smtpd locals me qmail-send morercpthosts (none) qmail-smtpd percenthack (none) qmail-send plusdomain me qmail-inject qmqpservers (none) qmail-qmqpc queuelifetime 604800 qmail-send rcpthosts (none) qmail-smtpd smtpgreeting me qmail-smtpd smtproutes (none) qmail-remote timeoutconnect 60 qmail-remote timeoutremote 1200 qmail-remote timeoutsmtpd 1200 qmail-smtpd virtualdomains (none) qmail-send SEE ALSO
qmail-inject(8), qmail-qmqpc(8), qmail-remote(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-showctl(8), qmail-smtpd(8) qmail-control(5)

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