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Bug this is the first time I hear of SNAP although it sounds familiar!!

thanx for the input re:!
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Hi Merlyn,

A SNAP server is basically a small external fileserver, right?

In that case I think what you are looking for is a product called Samba. You can find info on that by searching google or on this site I'm sure.

Samba is a software package that installs on your linux box that allows it to act as a fileserver. You can share certain filesystems or directories on it and other machines on your network can access them as if they were local.

There is kinda a lot to it, but by pointing you in the right direction I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure it out. Check out the website http://us4.samba.org/samba/ to get started.

As far as which linux you install it on, there are plenty of good choices. There are tons of threads on this site which discuss it so I won't rehash them all here. Use the search and you'll find way more tips than I could give you on which version to use.

Good luck with your file server project.
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Thanks rhfrommn...

That actually helps a lot, I am currently in the process of downloading both RedHad v7.3 and a developement version of RedHat Fedora.

Thank God for Broadband!!

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!!!

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Want do build a NAS Solution?

I think you will build a NAS (network attached storage) . You can use nearly every distribution. I would prefer a small one, without X and so on..Have a look at http://www.linuxlinks.com/Distributi...Distributions/ for small distributions. I think SNAP is a Feature from some NAS boxes which allows you to make Snapshots from your Data..

The smaller the faster, because you donīt need to run unnecessary progs.

Maybe you can get a uses Sun SPARC System running Solaris.

Hope it helps a little


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