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PATH Setting for all shells of a user

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Old 12-14-2010
PATH Setting for all shells of a user

How can I modify the path variable of a particular user in all shells? I searched in this forum and as per the advice in some threads created a new file .profile in $HOME directory with the new PATH, but it did not work.
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Old 12-14-2010
Do u mean that u have changed some value in PATH variable and than u want to reflect these changes in all logged on sessions?

For this u can use export $PATH or if u have changed it in .profile than execute .profile with . command.

export PATH=$PATH:your changes


. /home/user/.profile

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Old 12-14-2010
export PATH=$PATH:/path/u/want

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Old 12-14-2010
My knowledge in linux is limited. My default shell is bash. If I modify the .bash_profile file and export the new path, it will be only available within my bash shell, right? What if I want the new path to be available by default in all my shells? Is there another way, rather than edit all .<shell>_profile files?
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Old 12-14-2010
If u change in .bash_profile file than it will automatically be reflected whenever any user logged in to the system with bash. No need to export PATH variable explicitly.
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Old 12-14-2010
Which file should I edit, so that the updated PATH will be available in all shells, say ksh and csh?

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