What is a menu or command line option driven script?

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What is a menu or command line option driven script?

i'm confused what this means.

i was asked to design a menu or command line option driven script that reads out of a DB and displays info such as
read_data.pl -u <user> -e <event>

which would print commands run by <user>with the <event> in the db.

any suggestions? i've been using perl dbi and mysql.

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A menu driven script is driven by a menu in a terminal. It waits for user input to tell it what to do.

$ ./menu-driven-script.pl
What would you like to do?
1) reboot system
2) feed water buffaloes
3) appease turnips
4) quit
Option [1234]:

A script that uses commandline parameters takes its options directly from the command line and doesn't wait for user input:

$ ./commandline-driven-script.pl --feed-water-buffaloes

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thanks helps a lot with what to do.

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