find command not giving file names accord. to timestamps

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Lightbulb find command not giving file names accord. to timestamps

Currently iam working on solaris environment,
Iam using find command to get list of all files between any two given dates. But the find command is not listing files accord. to timestamp. I tried using -exec option as -exec ls -ltr {} \;
Still the files are not listed according to timestamp..
Can anyone help me on this..

find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file
-exec ls -ltr {} \;
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Try using...

find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -exec ls -ltr {} \+


find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -print | xargs ls -ltr

However, neither method is guaranteed to work for large numbers of matched files.
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I have 200 or more files , I already tried -exec ls -ltr {} \; option, but it didn't work...
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The -exec ls -ltr {} \; option invokes the ls command for each matched file. Try one of the two suggestions above.
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Question could work!?

try !
find . -type f - ctime or (mtime) depending on what you're looking for ..
find . -type f - ctime +20 -name "*" -exec ls -alt {} \;
find . -type f -mtime -30 -name "*" -exec ls -alt {} \;
i believe there is also an atime.. (man find should tell which choice to make)..
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find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -exec ls -ltr {} \+
The above cmd is not giving files accord. to timestamp , so doesn't give required o/p

find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -print | xargs ls -ltr

The above cmd is giving files accord. to timestamp , this is working as required...

Also the below cmd is working.......
ls -ltr `find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -print `

Thanks for your inputs...
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I want to get all the files between start.file and end.file in the current directory only (not files in the sub directories).

find . -type f -name '*xyz*' -newer start.file ! -newer end.file -print

With the above command , Iam getting files in subdirectories of the current directory also... How to avoid this.. Can someone help us...

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