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Line & File Manipulation - add spaces between characters

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Old 11-24-2010
Line & File Manipulation - add spaces between characters

Is there an awk, sed, vi or any line command that adds Field Separators (default spaces) to each line in a file?

$cat RegionalData

Desired results:
1 2 F C 2525 MZ LP 826 690 02 16
1 2 F C 2525 MZ LP 826 690 02 16
1 2 F C 2525 NB LP 827 690 02 16
1 2 F C 2525 NB LP 827 690 02 16
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Old 11-25-2010
Ok....this is probably a lot more work that is needed....but does work! Smilie I just piped the data into Perl and processed each character at a time adding a space if the position existed in the hash.

echo '12FC2525MZLP8266900216
12FC2525NBLP8276900216' | 
perl -e '
  %h = (
    0 => " ", 
    1 => " ", 
    2 => " ",
    3 => " ", 
    7 => " ", 
    9 => " ", 
    11 => " ", 
    14 => " ", 
    17 => " ", 
    19 => " ", 
  while (<STDIN>) {
    @a = split(//); 
    for(my $i=0;$i<=scalar(@a);$i++){ 
      print "$a[$i]";
      print $h{$i};
    print "\n";

Looking forward to seeing a cleaner solution.
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Old 11-26-2010

Another solution
$ perl -ne '@chl = unpack("A1A1A1A1A4A2A2A3A3A2A2", $_); $, = " "; $\ = "\n";  print(@chl);' RegionalData 


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