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Command to display the space usage (memory usage) of a specific directory.

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Error Command to display the space usage (memory usage) of a specific directory.

Hi all,
Can you please tell me the command, with which one can know the amount of space a specific directory has used.

df -k . ---> Displays, the amount of space allocated, and used for a directory.
du -k <dir name> - gives me the memory used of all the files inside <dir>

But i want the to know, how much memory has one directory used on the whole. Not the memory used by the files & folders inside that directory.

Thanks in advance,
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See the man page of du:
-s Instead of the default output, report only the total sum for each of the specified files.
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Yes i have just gone through the man page of du sometime back, and learnt about the -s option.
Anyway thanks a lot for the detail description.

Abhishek S.

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