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I have been a Macintosh user for many, many years. As you may know the latest MacOS ( OS X ) is UNIX based. (Please see for more information.) Basically, I really have no idea where to start with UNIX...if anyone could take a quick look at the above link and tell me what I need to look into so that I may use this new OS to its fullest potential.

I have heard so much good stuff about UNIX users (especially the part about not getting into wars about who's operating system is the best...I guess you already know...) and would be proud to join.

Thank you all,

PS At an old job (NORTEL) I used what may have been a type of was called QNX so maybe that will help. Of course NORTEL moved over to Windows and things really went into the crapper!!! Smilie
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Interesting. Thanks for the link. I'm sure our members will enjoy looking at a UNIX/Mach/BSDLite based Mac OS.
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A friend of mine who uses Mac has installed the uinix version, and opened his firewall for me.
So I logged on and was very impressed to navigate in the unix filesystem of a mac.
It really is cool, and recommanded for anyone who uses mac.

Just wanted to welcome you aboard too!

I'm sure you're gonna like Unix , and ask us whatever question you have about it.

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Thanks all

I guess I just have to get started...should I get UNIX for Dummies...or Linux for Dummies. Is there a web page explaining the pros and cons and differences of SuSe/Red Hat/Yellow Dog/MacOS/Whatever versions of Linux?
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Check here:
for an article reviewing some of the details of the new Unix based Mac OS. It talks about the differences between a "traditional" Unix, and between a "traditional" Mac, etc.
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Start up

Is it possible to start up just in the terminal in OS X insted of the mac gui?

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