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Old 10-21-2010
Data Heartbeat configuring in Redhat


I'm currently trying to configure Linux heartbeat on my two Linux servers(where SMPP service is running)
my two machines are in two different location with different notworks (primary is in 192.168.x.x and secondary is in 10.48.x.x network)

I want to know whether is it possible to configure heartbeat between two such different networks (what i found by surfing internet is the way of configuring in same network)

if possible, can i configure to listen to my primary server IP instead of having a secondary IP in primary server (since my SMPP service is running with my primary server's IP)

Please someone advice on this

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CL_STATUS(1)							   User commands						      CL_STATUS(1)

cl_status - Check status of the High-Availability Linux (Linux-HA) subsystem SYNOPSIS
cl_status sub-command options parameters DESCRIPTION
cl_status is used to check the status of the High-Availability Linux subsystem. SUPPORTED SUB-COMMANDS hbstatus Indicate if heartbeat is running on the local system. listnodes List the nodes in the cluster. nodetype ping|normal List the nodes of the given type. Note Ping nodes are obsolete in Pacemaker cluster, having been replaced with the pingd resource agent. listhblinks node List the network interfaces used as heartbeat links. node should be specified as listed in the ha.cf(5) file for the cluster. hblinkstatus node link Show the status of a heartbeat link. node should be specified as listed in the ha.cf(5) file for the cluster. link should be as per the output of the listhblinks subcommand. clientstatus node client [timeout] Show the status of heartbeat clients. node and client should be specified as listed in the ha.cf(5) file for the cluster. Timeout is in milliseconds, the default is 100ms. rscstatus Show the status of cluster resources. Status will be one of: local, foreign, all or none. Note This option is deprecated, it is obsolete in Pacemaker clusters. parameter -p parameter Retrieve the value of cluster parameters. The parameters may be one of the following: apiauth, auto_failback, baud, debug, debugfile, deadping, deadtime, hbversion, hopfudge, initdead, keepalive, logfacility, logfile, msgfmt, nice_failback, node, normalpoll, stonith, udpport, warntime, watchdog. Note Some of these options are deprecated; see ha.cf(5) OPTIONS
The following options are supported by heartbeat: -m Make the output more human readable. The default output should be easier for scripts to parse. Available with all commands. -p List only 'ping' nodes. Available with listnodes sub-command. Note Ping nodes are obsolete in Pacemaker cluster, having been replaced with the pingd resource agent. -n List only 'normal' nodes. Available with listnodes sub-command. SEE ALSO
heartbeat(8), ha.cf(5), authkeys(5) AUTHORS
Alan Robertson <alanr@unix.sh> cl_status Juan Pedro Paredes Caballero <juampe@retemail.es> man page Simon Horman <horms@verge.net.au> man page Florian Haas <florian.haas@linbit.com> man page Heartbeat 3.0.5 24 Nov 2009 CL_STATUS(1)

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