Problem when I try to Install a Client VPN Cisco

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Old 10-18-2010
Problem when I try to Install a Client VPN Cisco

Hi Gurus of UNIX, I have a problem when I try to install a software VPN Cisco in Laptop (HP530).
I do the following procedures:
Part 2 - VPN Client Compilation

  1. We will now set up the vpn client. As there is no official Cisco VPN Client for OpenSolaris X86 available, we will use vpnc.
  2. Install gnu make first:
    # pkg install SUNWgmake
  3. Download the current vpnc client from
  4. Gunzip and untar it to eg. /opt/build/vpnc-0.5.3
  5. Edit the Makefile (my preferences)
  6. In the Makefile also replace all occurences of install with ginstall
  7. Edit tunip.c and remove the non-posix compliant "| LOG_PERROR" on line 1061. The line should look like:
    {{openlog("vpnc", LOG_PID, LOG_DAEMON);}
  8. We have to change all hardcoded paths in config.c
    Line 156: return "/opt/vpnc/etc/ssl/certs";
    Line 176: return "/opt/vpnc/etc/vpnc-script";
    Line 181: return "/var/run/";
    Line 459: asprintf(&realname, "%s%s%s", index(name, '/') ? "" : "/opt/vpnc/etc/", name, add_dot_conf ? ".conf" : "");
  9. Edit vpnc-disconnect to point to the correct pid file
    Line 3: pid=/var/run/
  10. Now we can compile and install the vpnc client. Compiling with SunStudioExpress is left as an exercise for the reader Image
    # make
    # make install
This tutorial is from
Accessing a Cisco VPN with OpenSolaris - Vathorstweb
when I put the command:
appear the following error
andres@opensolaris:/opt/build/vpnc-0.5.3# make install
make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 36: Unexpected end of line seen

Any Guru can help me please
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Old 10-18-2010
No ./configure with this one? Maybe that is why you had to change so many paths.

Is that the only makefile? There is usually one per directory in these OS makes.

Hopefully, make in your PATH is gmake?

I have seen this error porting stuff, but I cannot remember offhand which flavor of dust-busting made it go away.

Check for hidden characters, ^M, etc with cat -v.
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