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Old 06-29-2004
Question UNIX in MS Win2003 Domain


Can I make a UNIX or LINUX machine a member of MS Active Directory 2003?


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Old 07-07-2004
Not too sure if you can make the box a member of the domain, but you may want to look at Microsoft's UNIX integration tools to see if there is a migration or connectivity tool that will achieve what you want. They are called Services for UNIX (SFU) and can be found here.

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Old 07-07-2004
If its just user authentication you are looking for it can be done with PAM and the krb5 module against a windows 2003 ad.

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Old 07-08-2004
Is Samba what you are looking for http://www.samba.org ?
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Old 07-09-2004
winbind may be what you need

together with the nss lib and pam module.
I did integrate a few linux machines with windows 2000 domains.
They work fine.
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