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How to find files created some days before?

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Old 07-26-2010
How to find files created some days before?

I have 2 questions.
Is there any code to see files that created some day or some time before in a directory???
how or where i will find the last exit status of a process??

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Old 07-26-2010
2. gettutxent() returns a utmp structure that has process exits code.
getutxent - Linux Command - Unix Command

1. you did not specify your OS. All versions of the find command support:
find /path/to/files -mtime +2 -print

mtime +2 means older than 48 hours (2 days). -mtime -2 less than 48 hours

Some versions of find have the -mmin nn predicate that works on minutes instead of "days".
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Old 07-26-2010
2) If you mean within a shell script written in say ksh or bash:
The last exit status is held in the special environment variable called "$?". The exit status is a number. Zero means no error. Other values are application specific.

mycommand ; REPLY=$?
echo ${REPLY}

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Old 07-27-2010
last exit status of a process in unix

Hi methyl,

Can you please explain this :

mycommand ; REPLY=$?
echo ${REPLY}

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Old 07-27-2010
to get the exit process of a process ....use echo $?

$? u can say is a sytem variable which holds the exit status of a command.
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Old 07-27-2010
For the last command executed by the current shell, $? has the exit status.

When there is a command pipe e.g,
date | awk '{print $2}'

it holds the last commands (awk in this case) status. In bash the $PIPESTATUS array holds the status of all the command issued, ie., date and awk
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Old 07-27-2010
hi ,

please explain this code.

thanks ,

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