move files between file systems with privileges, time stamp

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move files between file systems with privileges, time stamp


I have to move files between file systems but files in new file system must have the same attributes as in old one (privileges, time stamp etc).

Which tool is best :
- ufsdump / ufsrestore
- tar
- cpio
- pax
- dd
- mv

Or maybe there is sth else, you suggest to use.

Thx for help
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Either cp with the '-p' ("preserve") option, or mv. Both should preserve the modification and access time and permission bits. For ACLs that should be preserved see the man page of your OS.
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with mv -p I agree but with cp -p I can't agree because it sets default perms.

what is the best practice for admins to move files between file systems ?
what kind of tool (cmd) ?
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In addition, look into the -p flag in both tar and scp (if your remote location has ssh running); it's fairly standard among utils, but these are my friends. Also, make sure that you're not bound to a different umask on the new location...if it differs, and you can't reset it as needed, you might be restricted to only what's available to the next machine.
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a) mv doesn't have a -p option
b) did you read the man page for cp?
If dest_file was created, its file permission bits shall be changed (if necessary) to be the same as those of source_file, modified by the file creation mask of the user if the -p option was not specified.
That means you umask and other properties only apply if you don't specify '-p'.

Alternatively you could use cpio:
find /source -xdev -print | cpio -pdm /destination

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mv is ok, but if you get some sort of error halfway through it can be difficult to recover.

one of the fastest Ive found is (from source dir):
tar -cBpf - . | ( cd /dest ; tar -xBpf - )

It uses two processes, so they can be prioritized by the O/S (one for reading, one for writing) but it still moves the data through a pipe which just replicates data in memory and thus is not the most efficient.

scp will encrypt/decrypt and so put unnecessary load on the cpu.

cp -pr on machines like Solaris is pretty fast because it mmaps the files which means there is no duplication of the file data in memory - it is simply tagged by the o/s to be written directly to disk, so should be the most efficient. However if it isnt multithreaded it will waste time waiting for I/O.

I would personally do some tests of all of the above on your O/S using the unix "time" and see which one wins (dont just measure the real time but the system/cpu time as well)

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