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Unix Permissions

We have a user group ‘norkgrp’ which is having 2 users ‘norkadm’ and ‘oracle’.

Further we have a directory ‘fstf_blobs’ where ‘norkadm’ is the owner and ‘norkgrp’ is the group owner. The permission is set as 770.
[norkadm /opt/norkom/rbs/tpf]$ ls -lrt
drwxrwx---   2 norkadm  norkgrp     1024 Jun 24 05:03 fstf_blobs

We are writing some files in this directory through UTL_FILE functionality of oracle. The owner of files created through UTL_FILE is ‘oracle’ and group owner is ‘dba’. However the procedure gives error when trying to write the files. (Permission issues). As norkgrp is the group owner and ‘oracle’ is part of this group and group is having all permissions, I am not able to understand the reason of the error.

When the change permission of this directory to 777 (others also given all permissions) the procedure runs successfully and creates files with owner as ‘oracle’ and group owner as ‘dba’.

Can somebody have a look & explain.

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Please post the out-put of :

#more /etc/passwd /etc/group

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Required entries

The relevent entries from the files are-


norkadm:x:1209:502:Norkom Admin:/home/norkadm:/usr/bin/ksh


rbsusers::502: prodops,oracle,frewind,greenaw,fstfbth1
oinstall::203: oracle

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You probably will need to restart the database to effectuate the oracle user's membership of norkadm. Also you may want to use
chmod 2770 /opt/norkom/rbs/tpf/fstf_blobs

so that any file created in that directory has a group ownership of norkgrp (2770 means the setgid bit gets set)
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Think of this...

it is possible that the files were assigned permissions outside a "standard" UNIX permission model and using Access Control Lists. It is a long topic, "man getfacl", or just google it. UNIX Academy had a paper related to their training that describes it well. Also check the directory for a sticky bit. Also, make sure that the files are on the same machine (within the same permission set) and on the same filesystem model (not Samba share, or anything that works outside UNIX permission model).
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Hi amro1: If acl's would have been set on the directory, this would mean that user oracle would not be able to write to that directory even with permission 777, which contradicts the OP's information..

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